Early Autumn (or Late Summer) Skies over Coree

Australia is crazy for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the redefinition of the seasons. Sure, it’s the underside of the Earth so the seasons are opposite, right? Wrong! Australia was my first experience with seasons that start on the first of the month, rather than the equinox or solstice. Interestingly their isn’t much formal agreement on the matter anywhere in the world. Presumably the meteorologists and astronomers couldn’t believe the stupidity of each others’ pointRead more

Midday at Furguson Falls

This one was a bit experimental. I’ve tried to combine HDR and panoramic photography before, but to very limited success. Here, however, the situation was calling out for it. The viewing point was just too close to the falls to capture things any other way. With some more careful technique than I’m usually willing to indulge in, though, it all went rather smoothly. This could put a big strain on data storage resources! Furguson Falls were the second of threeRead more