Midnight at Milford

After sunset the weather stayed fair. Eventually even the midges gave up and headed in for the night, but I spent some time fooling around with the camera resting on a log near the shore. While far from technical perfection (I didn’t even have a tripod at the time), I think the atmospherics are unmatched. This photo can probably be credited/blamed for a lot of early morning, missed suppers and gear acquisition!Read more

Gloaming Sound

I really hoped to see a sunset at Milford Sound. In retrospect, given the view is a lot more north than west, I’m not sure what I was looking for. In the end I barely saw the sky at all in 3 days, with rain must have totalled 10s of centimetres. During this brief reprise there was the tiniest bit of colour in the clouds from the setting sun.Read more

Front over Gurvan Saikhan

After a long day on the road and an adventurous final leg driving up a riverbed we arrived at the entrance to the Gurvan Saikhan national park. True to form, just about everything was shutting down for the season. In equally Mongolian fashion it didn’t matter at all and we were offered accommodation in a giant concrete “Gher”(ordinarily the gift shop). As night was falling this impressive cold-front passed overhead. Though the locals did an admirable job of retrofitting aRead more

Sunset on the Lanai

Ah, the “Lanai”. A funny Americanism that seems to be a deck, porch, patio or verandah (but with furniture). We already had at least 4 words for it, so why not another? Maybe it’s the Hawaiian word for porch and I’ve just been horribly insensitive, but given it’s the name of one of the islands, I suspect I’m ok. It’s pretty rare for me to put a lot of research into a travel photo location – I tend to beRead more

Iririki Bungalows

Not sure what people have to pay for luxury bungalows overhanging the water… probably a lot. From this angle they look idyllic, but the view overlooks the port of Port Vila itself. I’m guessing the back side of the village market isn’t the nicest thing to wake up to.Read more

Breakfast Bounce

An oldie, but a good one. Every morning the roos come down to the beach at Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort, just next to the national park. The resort runs a shelter for orphaned and injured wildlife, and the local population comes out for a bite at feeding time.Read more

Cruising Yolyn Am

In late summer, Mongolia’s famous ice canyon takes on a different meaning. Through July and August it is a place to see winter remnants in the dark corners that never see sunlight. By September, as the days are getting shorter, it’s just plain icy. We hopped out here for a quick look over the mountain scenery and 3 sprinted circuits of the cairn for luck.Read more

Stars over White Lake

Something about these toilets reminded me of trainspotting. We spent a couple of days here next to the White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagann Nuur) while waiting for the brakes to be replaced in the Land Cruiser. Dry air, altitude and no civilisation made for spectacular skies; yack bones, cold dumplings and vodka for dinner made for many trips to hell.Read more

Waya Island Sunset

I took the opportunity to spend a few days in Fiji while traveling between Canada and Australia. I only had 3 nights, but wanted to head away from he big resort hotels in the Nadi area. Waya is the first point of call in Yasawa group of islands, so was an accessible alternative. Even after a direct hit from a cyclone the snorkelling and scenery didn’t disappoint.Read more

Go West!

With a public holiday on a Thursday, I had the urge to get out of town for a few days. I jumped in the car and headed West. Here are a few things I found along the way: The Long Unwinding Road Nowhere does long, straight roads like rural Australia. I could never keep attention on the task long enough to measure any of the long stretches, but some go well past the horizon. This particular stretch was somewhere betweenRead more